Who is Michael and why is he running?

Michael is first and foremost, husband, father and grandfather. He is a retired teacher, having taught reading to delinquent and dependent boys for 29 years at the George Junior Republic in Grove City. For the past 27 years he has served his community, Cherry Valley, as a member of the borough council, and is currently Vice President. He is a lifelong union member and has served in several leadership posts in his union.

He is a Catholic and continually guided by faith. He believes in fighting for justice, treating people fairly, protecting God's creation, and telling the truth.

Despite being a faithful voter, a distaste grew in Micheal after years of habitually voting for the lesser of two evils in midwestern Pennsylvania -- where even most Democratic candidates function as Republicans. Despite over thirty years of candidates from both parties talking about supporting the interests of working people and small businesses, real wages have fallen, student debt skyrocketed, infrastructure deteriorated, and pollution ravaged our communities. This cannot continue. Pennsylvania politics and its voters are ready for a new direction.

Michael is running to encourage our citizens to join together in a bottom-up movement to ensure that our voices are heard over the special interests. Join Michael because government should be fighting for people and communities.