Why the Green Party?

Our democratic system is in crisis.  Wars are the only thing many of our youth know, real wages have fallen for decades, and jobs that pay a living wage are harder to find.  Student debt and healthcare costs are strangling our citizens, infrastructure is crumbling, and our air and water are being polluted.  Meanwhile the corporations and rich are sitting on trillions of dollars in cash and the gap between the elites and working people is wider than ever.

We desperately need a voice that can challenge the rule of money and corporations, rebuild our infrastructure, and help to save our planet.

We can give a political voice to those who want to stand up and put the people back in power.  A movement for real democracy and real solutions.  Polls show that upwards of 60% of Americans want a new major political party.  The Greens will give voice to this rising majority and develop new leaders that will give a knockout blow to politics as usual.

It's time to give Power to the People.  It's time to reject lesser evil and fight for the greater good because our lives depend on it. 

It's time to build a party that rejects contributions from corporations and Super PACS.

It's time for ordinary citizens to take charge and create a better world. 

Green Party 2016 Official Platform