We're hiring. Send a cover letter and CV to with "Intern Application" in the subject line to apply.

The Mike for PA 64 Campaign is looking for a motivated intern interested in becoming involved with local politics to help a grassroots progressive campaign unseat a Republican incumbent. Through this internship, you will learn the skills necessary to get hired by any political campaign. A letter of recommendation will be provided upon completion.


The Race

We are running as a member of the Green Party in a two-person race against the Republican incumbent for Pennsylvania State Representative of District 64. Third party candidates do not have a history of success in this region, but we believe we are uniquely suited to break through thanks to our strong grass roots support leading to our financial advantage. Our campaign has already surpassed total fundraising by the Democratic candidate of 2016 and 2018, and currently has more money on hand than the incumbent.


The incumbent, R. Lee James, receives the bulk of his money from the fossil fuel industry, and he provides a healthy return on investment for them. He has received a lifetime score of 14/100 from the Sierra Club. At every turn, he has thrown working people of District 64 under the bus, working to move funding from public programs and institutions into corporate welfare schemes that prop up dirty industries that leave our district with lots of pollution and little profit.


The Candidate

After retiring from a forty year teaching career, Michael Bagdes-Canning has spent the past ten years traveling across Pennsylvania knocking on doors and rallying communities against the exploitative Fracking and Pipeline companies that seek to tear up their land, poison their water supply, and ship any and all profits off to Wall Street.


He is sick and tired of seeing his community hurt as factories and mines and wells shut down or move away. He is sick and tired of corrupt elected officials looking to the past for salvation, doubling down on dying fossil fuel industries.


His platform includes;

  • Green New Deal ­– Create a new generation of high paying, union jobs in the region working to clean up the damage caused by years of heavy industries and transition our power grid to entirely renewables.

  • Medicare for All – Implement a system where everyone has access to high quality healthcare without any premiums or deductibles.

  • Universal Free Public Universities, Community Colleges, and Trade Schools

  • End Corruption in Harrisburg – Pass a gift ban, reform gerrymandering, make all public records public and easily accessible, implement same day voter registration, create open primaries.

  • Workers Bill of Rights – Enshrine into law basic rights for all workers, including a livable minimum wage, universal paid sick, parental, and personal leave, and the right to join and form a union.


The Position

We are looking for a capable intern with initiative and independence who is hungry to create change. Applicants from the District or surrounding area are preferred, but all are welcome to apply.


We will work hard to shape this internship to introduce you to new aspects of campaigning with a mind towards preparing you for future political campaigns.


This position is flexible, but applicants should expect to do 5 hours of remote work each week.


Responsibilities may include:

  • Policy Research

  • Opposition Research

  • Volunteer Recruitment and Management

  • Communications for Press and Social Media

  • Phone-Banking and Canvassing


You will learn how to:

  • Conduct opposition research

  • Formulate policy positions

  • Reach out to and coordinate with community partners

  • Use campaign software such as Nationbuilder

  • Manage volunteers

  • Craft effective messaging


Interested applicants should send a Resume and Cover Letter to with Intern Application in the subject line. This position is unpaid. Applicants will be approved and begin their internships on a rolling basis. All internships will run through election day on November 3rd, 2020.