Our Platform

A Future Built on Sustainable Energy
  • Implement a just futures energy policy for Pennsylvania (including a transition plan)

  • Focus economic development on building a Green Economy

Conserve Resources. Stop Pollution.
  • Retrofit all state buildings so they are models of energy efficiency

  • Hold polluting industries responsible for environmental damages AND use any remaining impact fees for true impacts of shale extraction

  • Take the environment into consideration when making any purchase

  • Create a Civilian Conservation Corps that cleans up pollution and restores ecological damage caused by extractive and heavy industries

Community Based Economics, Not Corporate Welfare
  • Offer low interest loans to local, sustainable, small businesses

  • Shift as much state purchasing power to in-state, small, and sustainable businesses

  • Encourage small, locally owned businesses (including worker owned-cooperatives)

  • Use eminent domain to purchase properties "underwater" and in danger of foreclosure then renegotiate loans with current owners

  • Adopt a moral budget learn more→

Workers Bill of Rights
  • Every worker has a right to earn a livable wage. That means instituting a $15 minimum wage that automatically rises annually with inflation, and with provisions made to ensure it always covers basic costs of living.

  • Every worker has a right to employment. Every individual who wishes to work but cannot find employment will be offered a well paying position serving their community, including in a new Civilian Conservation Corps that will work to clean up the ecological damage caused by over a century of extractive and heavy industries.

  • Every worker has a right to form and join a union.

  • Every worker has a right to be paid the prevailing wage.

  • Every worker has a right to paid vacation, paid sick leave, paid personal days, and paid parental leave.

Fair Taxation
  • Raise taxes on industries that extract wealth from Pennsylvania.

  • Ensure taxes are low enough for working and middle class households and small businesses to thrive.

Public Transit and Infrastructure
  • Work with communities to find which projects would encourage responsible and sustainable access and put people before business interests.

  • Right now communities pay for the studies when corporations want new roads. Lets change that.

Criminal Justice
  • End the war on drugs

  • Stop treating addiction as criminal activity, implement a harm-reduction approach to addiction and recovery programs, which includes safe-consumption sites,  the decriminalization of addiction.

  • End mass incarceration

  • Implement presumptive parole: people are paroled at their eligibility date, unless the prison administration can prove serious unresolved disciplinary infractions.

  • Close State Correctional Institution Fayette and all state prisons on or near toxic sites.

Election Reform
  • Restore and expand the Voting Rights Act

  • End racist gerrymandering and redistricting

  • Allow early registration of 17 and 18-year olds

  • Implement automatic and same day voter registration

  • Make Election Day a holiday

  • Create a verifiable paper record

  • Adopt ranked choice voting

Civil Liberties and Human Rights
  • Ensure that state government does not discriminate against anyone based on sexual or minority status. Adopt a statewide anti-discrimination law.

  • Stop separating families because of poverty. Give primary care givers the resources they need to support their children.

  • Adopt equality of access to all areas of life regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.

  • Relief from crushing household, student, and consumer debt. Declare a Jubilee.

  • Redefine poverty by using an accurate assessment of who is poor — based on access to decent and adequate housing, education, health care, water, sanitation and public utilities, childcare, as well as income, savings and debt, and welfare — and that is made widely available to all.

  • No eminent domain for private gain.

  • Demand that PA refuse any call to send PA national guard troops to the border or in any way participate in the inhumane separation of children from their families. Shut down Berks Detention Center.

  • Ensure equity in education. That means every child receives a high-quality, well-funded, diverse public education, not tied to real estate taxes or a fracking tax.

  • End the re-segregation of schools.

  • Shift resources from criminalization and surveillance to restorative justice and mental health supports for students.

  • Remove police from our schools.

  • Free tuition at public colleges and universities and an end to profiteering on student debt.

  • Equitable funding for historically black colleges and universities and full funding for community colleges.

  • End PA TANF’s “Work First” 24-month education limit.

Encourage Sustainable, Small Scale Local Farms
  • Support and protect Butler County's remaining family farms

  • Promote local food sources for any Butler County food purchases and encourage local farmers' markets

Government Transparency
  • Make state records and data easily available on the internet with clear and unambiguous gateways.

  • Pass gift ban, end the high price of corruption